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The interesting thing we have to think about is what do we leave behind when were gone?
I received an interesting phone call from my brother in law Peter. Peter likes to browse Craigslist for great deals. He says you got to come with me. Your going to like what you see.

We take a drive out. And we find what looks to be a normal everyday single story house. No bigger then 1600sq feet with a single car garage.

The house owner Cat invites us in. She explains to us her husband passed away at 68 years old and she’s trying to move on. I wasn’t prepared to witness what I was seeing. “Others liked to travel; my husband, he liked to tinker” Cat explains. He worked for the government and did all this because he loved it. He made tools he built furniture. He fixed cars. He had a strong drive for building things.

As Cat explains to us the various things. She’s not at all an expert and half the things here she doesn’t know what they do or how to use them. She let’s us dig and scavenge. Cat is a high school history teacher.

I find a old belt sander in the corner and also a brush on a pedestal. It’s old it’s heavy and I like it.

Cat is this something you’d sell I asked? She starts to cry and I immediately apologized for asking. But she assures me it’s ok as she explains “he’s used all these things and now someone else can find joy in them. It’s time I let them go” We agree on price. And we continue looking.

What you don’t realized is that this one man had a CNC machine. A size of a hummer h2 in his 1 car garage. And not only that he used a levy system to pull it in. He has a fully computerized wood carving system that he built furniture with. It’s mind blowing. I wish I had met him and learned the oldschool art of building things from nothing. This is only a portion of the things here. Everything is cataloged and there are shelfs and shelfs of parts and bolts and nuts and drill bits and more.

Rely gets you thinking. And gets me motivated to work harder then ever to leave something behind worth leaving and to show something of my self. I hope you can all understand and enjoy these pictures. There are a lot more pictures. These are just a few.

Igor P.
CAtuned Founder